Building for the Future

Every Christian man and woman, by virtue of baptism, has received a mission to help build up the Church, building for the future, Pope Francis said on 26th September, at the World Meeting of Families 2015 in Philidelphia, USA. The Pope called for "a much more active engagement on the part of the laity" in order to fulfill this responsibility - a responsibility which will require "creativity in adapting to changed situations."

Pope Francis, speaking to Bishops, Clergy and Religious in his homily at Mass in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, said that

"the future of the Church in a rapidly changing society will call, and even now calls, for a much more active engagement on the part of the laity."

Are young people being challenged to do their part, the Pope asked. Is space made for them?

"One of the great challenges facing the Church in this generation is to foster in all the faithful a sense of personal responsibility for the Church’s mission, and to enable them to fulfill that responsibility as missionary disciples, as a leaven of the Gospel in our world."

The Church, Pope Francis said, needs to be open to the possibilities which the Spirit opens up in the changing situations today, building on the solid foundations of catechesis and education laid down by religious and priests, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared responsibility in planning for the future of our parishes and institutions.

The Pope ended his homily by asking Mary's intercession for the growth of the Church in America (where the World Meeting of Families was taking place), in prophetic witness to the power of her Son’s Cross to bring joy, hope and strength into our world.

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